Why Peace?

Every day we hear bad news from around the world. War, hatred, disease, injustice, poverty and intolerance are reported daily by the media. At times it seems a hopeless battle to find goodness and light in the world. Yet at the same time, in the most remote corners of the world, there are other stories.   Stories of hope, of people finding something good in the least likely places. There are those seeking peace, sharing love and spreading hope. Their stories need to be told and the seekers for a better world must come together and support the dreamers and the believers.

Nothing has been achieved from hatred, intolerance, war, yet there is so much to be achieved from reaching out and striving for peace. Those voices must not be silenced especially in times of great stife and unrest in many places around the world. It may not be possible to change the whole world, but a small group of those committed to waging peace can and will make a difference.

Won’t you join us??


Promoting a connected and peaceful planet by joining people and resources for good.


  • Peace Jam    connecting people through the power of music
  • Given to Fly fund
  • Green Space  promoting green spaces in urban environments
  • Let Love Bloom  spreading love through gifts from the garden

Peace Love Hope Foundation is proud to support these non profits

Palm Beach Compost

This non profit is dedicated to recycling and reusing food scraps from local restaurants and using them to compost and grow food for the hungry.

Hope Soap Project



Show your love.  Positive thinking and good deeds make the world a better place.

Kindness is contagious!

Reach Out

Work for Peace in Your Community and Learn How to Make a Difference. 

Peace Love Hope Foundation is devoted to passionately advocating for the under represented members of our global family and to connecting the world through peaceful means. We strive to make a difference to those without hope, to bring light and goodness to others around the world.  We have tools available to those who want to advocate for peace.   Whether you need assistance to help your non profit organization grow or want to know how to start sowing the seeds for a better world, we can help you get started. Email peacelovehopefoundation@gmail.com for a list of ways to get started.